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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Holy DayTimer, Batman! It's Been Over A Week!

To quote Sam Clemens, "Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Ever have one of those weeks? I kept thinking of things to write about. Sometimes I took pictures - even uploaded them. Then I'd sit down to blog and something would come up. Rarely anything major - needed to run to the store; phone call; 'Liese needs a bottle; even my job - and I'd get sidetracked. Next thing I know I am getting concerned inqiries and I feel like a slacker. Oh, well.

Anyway, I will get my act in gear later today and post something with meaningfull content. 'Till then, rest assured that I am still among the living and still kicking in blog-land.


Blogger damospace said...

Now that was a funny quote!

9:25 AM, April 04, 2006  
Blogger Lucky Lum said...

Yes, I am familiar with never having the TIME to sit down and blog the day away as I'd like to...

12:26 PM, April 04, 2006  
Blogger Tree said...

You have been greatly missed! But the pics of the cool monster truck were a cool thing to leave up for a while.

4:04 PM, April 04, 2006  

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