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Friday, May 27, 2005

Mowing Girl

I am so proud! Gabriella has always tried to be helpfull to Willie and me. This week she found a new way to help. We have been letting her drive the tractor around the field in low gear.

Today she came in and said, "Mommy, the yard doesn't look very tidy." and asked if she could mow it. Well, the mower has a kill switch that stops the motor (and the blades and wheels) as soon as weight comes off the seat. She can't reach the clutch but has learned that to stop, she just has to stand up and instant halt. So Willie put her on the tractor, started the engine, put it in gear, released the brakes, and away she went.

Our front lawn is over an acre and it took her a good portion of the morning, but she mowed the whole thing and did a great job of it. Thats my girl!

Here she comes, mowing away.

Driving proudly by..

Off to clean up the rough patches.

Our front yard - see her way down by the fence?


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