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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chinese Curse

They say "May you live in interesting times" is a Chinese curse. Dunno if that is true or not, but it should be.

I thought we were due for a quiet, relaxing Sunday. Then one of the working students ran up to the house to tell us a horse had fallen in her stall and was stuck. We left for the barn on the run, and things got interesting.

The horse, Maggie, was in one of two stalls divided by what amounted to a sturdy fence. Kicking at her neighbor, she managed to partially kick loose an inch thick oak plank and get her foot caught eighteen inches in the air, fall down (foot still stuck) and thrash enough to hit her head on the door post.

Willie and another friend sat on Maggie's head and neck - this is how you keep a horse down - while I used a hammer to pry apart the partition so we could get her loose. Then we looped ropes around her legs and rolled her over so she could get up. Then ensued vet visits, shots, cold hosing, antibiotics (giving horses pills is an interesting proposition), dressing changes, eye ointment applications, etc.

Well the upshot is that she should recover, but that used up my entire excitement allotment for the month. Much too interesting.


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